Dr Ruby Payne's Boys In Crisis

Hear Our Cry: Boys In Crisis

Boys are 85 percent of the discipline problems in school. They also constitute the largest population in special education, Title 1, and those who have reading and writing problems. Boys are the ones who have committed the violent acts in America’s schools and they are the most likely to drop out of school.

This workshop focuses on the why behind male behavior in school and what schools can do to begin making school more “boy friendly”. Issues that impact boys who come from poverty as well as middle class will be explored in this workshop.

Jim Littlejohn

Featuring Jim Littlejohn

Boys in Poverty Expert | aha! Process Consultant

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Event Information

Event Location

Eastside Baptist Church
19901 E MO-78
Independence, MO 64057

Event Date

January 3, 2018

Workshop Price: $119

The book Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis is included with this workshop

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